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See the context,

slow your emotion,

choose the behaviour

Are you looking for therapy and coaching that really works?

For approachable experts that really know their stuff, beyond what is normally offered nowadays?


You are in the right place.

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What To Expect At  COOLΨOMIND

More than just CBT therapy.
Pills of psychology, behavioural science and cool stuff about your brain.

Get to know your mind and train yourself to slow its automatic processes, choose purposefully an action and achieve meaningful rewards in a given context.

Time and life will start to flow differently.

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Image by Noah Buscher

Give yourself the time to sit down with our experts, it's not just ordinary therapy

Everything is fast nowadays.
There is no patience and there is no pace. There is no break.

We feel, we react. We ride a wave that it's not even ours. We make choices dictated by adverts, social media and peer pressure, assuming this is what we want.


But what if we could slow it right down and watch ourselves with the slow motion option? We could observe elements of the contexts that are making our behaviours so likely to happen, incurring sometimes in a faux pas. Taking time to observe the context could change your behaviours in more proactive and conscious ones with the result of finding yourself in a better position in life.

Cool your mind. Take time to get time. Slow is the real punk!



Slower and smarter

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