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About Us

COOLΨOMIND is a slow idea born in the silence and the ashes of the current pandemic. We stopped and we observed. We are glad to progressively go back to normal, but a part of us appreciated a different pace. We want to apply this newly discovered tempo to our mind, so when the speed will inevitably increase, we'll still be able to engage with our brain without rushing into choices.

Imagine being again in the driving seat, when your brain is not falling into actions that you often wonder how you ended up engaging with. Often the drifting into decisions and behaviours that sound intuitive and/or soothing, could trigger our brain into entering vicious circles that end up tangling us into stress, depression and anxiety or simply into dissatisfaction, friction, sense of lack of control, lack of purpose or even lack of agenda. All these experiences make our life a chore, a succession of too much similar days and time-pressured events and tasks. We deserve better, now more than ever and we can make it happen together.


So at COOLΨOMIND, you will find Fed, CEO and Clinical Director. She is a BABCP accredited CBT Psychotherapist, BPS member and an Italian Clinical Psychologist, based between UK and Italy, with a great passion for neuroscience and behavioural approaches to human choices.

Since 2014, she has been providing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to single and groups of patients, suffering from a variety of mental health disorders and chronic long term physical conditions.

She is joined by the talented Nic, Director of Research and Development and Supervisor at COOLΨOMIND. She is a BABCP accredited CBT Psychotherapist, with a strong background in Neuroscience.


This venture launches them forward from their background and into offering not just your average Cognitive Behavioural Therapy intervention. They aim to provide a full circle service, where you will be at the centre of a personalized project. You will get to learn the most advanced and evidence based strategies, the latest research and the most interesting behavioural science tools to guide your cool brain to slow its pace down, assess and choose the most valuable direction for you.


It's psychotherapy, coaching, education, training, tutoring and consulting that you can shape and form around your needs.

Get in touch to discuss how we could create together a package just for you or your company.

Our Credentials

Experience You Can Count On

More than 10 years of experience in psychological therapies within the national health service (NHS).

Accredited and accountable; DBS checked and GDPR/ICO compliant.

Experienced in different delivery modalities through public service and private practice including face to face, one to one, groups, telephone, video and typed mode.

Attending regular CPD and training including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, impact of long term chronic conditions and Long Covid. Regularly supervised by accredited members of the BABCP.

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